About Me

Currently a Biology Major and Psychology Minor. I enjoy what I'm currently studying as I find it extremely relevant and interesting. My interests in Biology range from genetics to diseases and environmental conservation.  I am hoping to one day work in the health care field and contribute to wildlife conservation in a major way, on the side. I am also interested in Positive Psychology and Philosophy. Though I am not specializing in these areas, I do a lot of self-learning regarding these topics. I like sharing my knowledge and opinions with others, especially through writing, in hopes of giving inspiration.  The majority of my blogs will also cover these topics.

To me, writing is the one thing I can always count on, as it has done so much for me. If you are a writer, you will understand and if not, I will probably write a blog explaining this.  I have had a small publication (print) but am aiming a bit higher and trying to publish a fantasy novel soon. You will be hearing about it under "good reads" when or if this happens! 

I love travelling and my dream is to travel to about 30 specific places around the world. The excitement of packing, the sense of awe of natural and architectural beauty, hearing new accents, trying new foods, getting lost then finding yourself in a better place than you had planned, meeting new people...this is, to me, a major part of living the good life

Of course, when travelling, I take many photos of the sites. I enjoy nature and architectural photography and am working to expand my skills in this area.  I still consider myself an ameteur at this, however. 

The crafty section of my website is definitely inspired by Pinterest, which I was slighty addicted to (you can find me under the name "Selena Singh"). This section will include scrapbooking, decorations and gift baskets, among other things. 

I've come to enjoy fashion and love chic/classy clothing styles. I do not have any favourite clothing brands. I will buy any brand or unknown-name clothing if it looks nice and is made of decent material. I personally think it's a waste of money and pathetic to spend $80 on a t-shirt that only has a company's logo on it.  If that offends you or you disagree, feel free to comment/vent under "fashion."  I do, however, have favourite purse and watch brands because I think these are two accessories (along with shoes and jackets) that should be of good quality (long-lasting) and are worth investing in. My favourite purse/bag brands include Guess and Michael Kors. These two are also my favourite watch brands in addition to Fossil.  I'm currently obsessing over anchors on clothing/accessories.