Keep Trying Or Spend The Rest Of Your Life Wondering Why You Didn't

To all the "pre-meds", "pre-dents", "pre-optometrys" or "pre-insertyourdream heres":  
It might be tough, you might have to sacrifice going out once in a while, you might have to pull a lot of all-nighters, you might want to throw that organic chemistry book in the garbage, you might want to ask your prof what the hell they taught you because none of it was on the exam, you might want to give up as soon as you see your physics mark...
but I'm telling you to keep on going
So what if you fail one class? So what if you mess up on one test? So what if you mess up a whole year? 
Take that class again, keep working hard to bring your mark up on the next test, take an extra year. 
Do what it takes to get where you want. Even if it means taking extra classes or spending another year or two trying. You're investing that time, money and hard work for something that will be worth it in the long run.
You don't want to settle for less and spend your whole life doing something you don't even enjoy while wondering what would have happened if you decided to keep trying, do you? 
(Of course, this doesn't just apply to students but anyone with any goal). 

Some Words of Wisdom

I've decided to put together some of my favourite quotes which help to get me inspired:







What are your favourite inspirational quotes?

"When the going gets tough..."

Someone very close to me is going through a stressful time right now and it’s hard for me to hear and see them so stressed. Though I am writing this with them specifically in mind, this is for anyone who’s going through a tough time.

First off, realize that this tough situation won’t last forever. Everything must come to an end; it’s just the way life works.  Things may happen that don’t make sense now, or that are upsetting but in the future, their purpose will be made clear, whether it’s direct or indirect (lesson learned, growth etc.).

You can get through anything. Of course it’s hard now and it may seem impossible now but that’s only because it’s happening right now (I credit this sentence to the person I mentioned above). It’s hard to follow your own advice sometimes but you are a strong person and getting through this will only make you stronger.

Take some time to relax, laugh and then whenever you’re ready come up with some plans to do what you can to turn the situation around.

Everything will be fine in the end if you keep your head up.

Perseverance is more important than skill or anything similar to it, in my opinion.

Whenever you feel down, remember that the fact that you can even read this means you’re more fortunate than the majority of the world’s population (because 1. you know how to read and 2. you’re on a computer, tablet or phone and probably in a warm building…things many people can’t afford). Also, remember that there is always someone out there who cares about you and/or is willing to help you.  There are still good people in the world, contrary to popular belief. 

This probably sounds like a very cheesy blog but I believe everything I've said is true and I specialize in cheese :) 


Life is not a mystery to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced" ---Van Der Leeuw 


I’m in the mood to share my philosophy:


I believe that every human has a purpose. I think it varies person-to-person, but in general, the meaning of life is to be happy, and fulfill your purpose.   In order to be happy, you must live a virtuous life, and get to the point where you can see beauty almost everywhere. The purpose is usually something that you see as meaningful, and that you have passion for.


Life can actually be easy (it's all about perspective); the obstacles that come along are just there to keep us from dying of boredom, to strengthen us and to make us smarter. They help us to grow.   We must find out what our specific purpose, or purposes are, and accomplish them by overcoming obstacles in our way.   When we do, we will feel complete and happy, enabling us to leave in peace.

We can achieve whatever we want because in every one of us lies an infinite amount of ability and amazing potential. Our mind is far more advanced than any other creature on this planet and it has great power.

There really is no sense in dwelling on the past or feeling sorry for yourself because the past does not exist and also you're only making things harder for yourself, and bringing others down too, usually the ones who want to help because they really care. Negativity drives people away.When I feel down, I would rather have someone there who will slap me and tell me to suck it up than someone who pities me. No one should feel sorry for me.  I’m lucky, and so are a lot of people, they just don't realize it. They need to realize their potential and start thinking positively. If you really expect nothing in life, you're gonna get nothing.


So that’s it. That’s what I live by. 


I try not to think so hard that I go crazy trying to figure everything out.  I find that that’s a bit of a waste of time. I’d rather be enjoying and experiencing my life than spending every waking moment doing nothing but asking myself why I’m here.


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