A Day Out in Hamilton, Ontario

19/01/2014 23:59

If you ever visit Hamilton, Ontario, note that there are some fun things you could do and great places you should visit. It isn't all about the steel factories and sketchy street that is Barton (in fact, they recently renovated the Centre on Barton and it now includes some great stores like Michaels and a Stitches Outlet). 

If you plan ahead, you could possibly get a ticket to a great concert or show at the Copps Colisseum.  I've had the pleasure of seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance at the Copps and it was spectacular.  However, many rock and metal bands also  frequent this venue. 

If the trip is a spontaneous one, you could opt for something smaller. On a summer's day you'd probably  want to head down to the piers. The waterfront is beautiful and filled with many activities: you can take a boat tour, explore the HMCS Haida (a vessel that served in WW2) or go go-karting.  There is also plenty of green space for you to have a picnic or play some sports.


(From top-left: Cirque Du Soleil at Copps Colliseum, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton Waterfront)                         

If the weather calls for an indoor activity, Dundurn Castle would be a fun location, especially if you love history.  They do informative tours that teach you about Sir Allen Macnab, a prime minister of the united province of Canada, and what life was like  in the 1800s.  You could also head downtown to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, which is quite inexpensive but features great, ever-changing galleries.  Or if you are a football fan, check out the Football Hall of Fame, also located in downtown Hamilton.

Following this, you can have some food at a nearby restaurant. Downtown Hamilton is an absolute gem when it comes to restaurants. I've visited quite a few of them and here are my favourites:

Capri is an awesome little Italian restaurant. The decor is beautiful, I felt like I was in Italy because of the large landscape painting at the back of the restaurant. It's also a family restaurant so it has a very welcoming atmosphere. Most importantly, the food is delicious and very reasonably priced. I tried a canneloni (bottom, left) when i was there and it was delicious and very filling.


Black Forest Inn is a cute little restaurant; I felt like I was in Snow White's cottage, even the waitresses were dressed in costume to match. They serve Ukraine and German food. I tried the schnitzel which came with the best potatoes I've ever had in my life.  To top it off, I had tartufo for dessert. 


Ushao:  This is the only all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Hamilton and it doesn't disappoint. The servers are very nice and the interior of the restaurant is clean and classy.   It's a fun experience grilling your own food and you'll leave feeling very stuffed! 


Shakespeare's Seafood and Steakhouse: This is my top pick for restaurants in Hamilton. If you want a fancy, yet small and cozy place to dine, this is the place to go. With stained glass, candles and delicious food surrounding you, you're sure to have a great time.  Even some celebrities who visit the city choose to eat at Shakespeare's, as you may read more about on their website.



Speaking of food, the very first Tim Hortons (in the world) is located in Hamilton as well, on Ottawa Street!  The city is filled with Tim Hortons, so all the coffee addicts will never, ever have to wonder, "Where  is the closest Timmies?" Chances are, it's either right there, or around the corner, literally.